Frolic Every Day with Kathryn Para
Frolic Every Day with Kathryn Para
Kathryn Para (she/her)

Welcome to Frolic Every Day with Kathryn Para

Where song and wonder grow wellness and community, with Kathryn Para & Frolic the Fox.

Let's grow our wonder, to grow our wellness. 

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 Educator & Pro and join me! I recommend signing in with your google/ gmail (easiest) of the email you can most easily access from your phone. Locals can join space inside to connect locally. 

This group is for you if you:

  • 🦊 are wanting to grow wonder in life with kiddos

  • 🦊 Raise or care for children, especially young children. 

  • 🦊 Educate children

  • 🦊 Are a therapist of professional working with young children or families. 

  • 🦊 Have or work with special needs children or children who could use some extra, multi-sensory ways of connection. It's created by a mom of special needs kiddos. 

And you:

  • 🦊 Need more tools

  • 🦊Want to create little ways of connection.

  • 🦊 Want songs to help with them but don't like the old songs which have some icky connotations

  • 🦊 Don't really feel like you can sing (you can) and want to play a song that fits a moment for your kiddos. 


  • 🦊Song Library

  • 🦊Song Resources by Subject. 

  • 🦊Educator Space 

  • 🦊Community Space 

  • 🦊Community Space for Locals (DMV)

This space will be launching fully soon! Kathryn has taken a bit of a break from performa

🦊Groups & Gatherings

Lets "raise the village" to support children and the people who guide them. 

Who's here? You'll find parents, educators, professionals, community leaders, grandparents and experts.  

What will we do? We'll have online events for adults and kiddos, expert work shops, recorded and live Frolic the Fox performances, resource shares and break out groups. 

Why Join? You'll have access to other educators around the US and Kathryn Para. 

Need a song? Inspire Kathryn by asking her! You can make requests and inspire new songs or new versions of songs! 

Fully launching soon! 

🦊 🌱Community Space! Connect with Kathryn, find songs and online events.

🦊🍎Educator & Professional Group a break out group for educators, therapists, child care professionals or other child-guiding professionals.  We'll have song-solving sessions, experts shares, teacher talks, director's den talks (for directors, curriculum specialists and principals, administration, etc.) and sessions for therapists (music, speech, school psychologists, mental health specialists, special needs caregivers, etc.).

🦊📍Frolic on the Go!™️ Local Group is a break out group for local parents  (central to to Annapolis, Baltimore, and Washington, DC area ). 

Join us to explore the Ways of Wonder, and spark wellness. 

I've got tools for you, and so do my friends. We're building a community of who want to explore the world with the WoW. I've got hundreds of songs I'm working on publishing with a lot of tools, and friends with tools, to help thread wonder into the fabric of life. Let's grow.

The Ways of Wonder (WoWs): 

  • Nature
  • Story
  • Song
  • Play
  • Movement
  • Mindfulnes
  • Creativity 
  • Laughter

Choose a free plan below, jump in and explore! We recommend signing in with google (scroll down slightly if you are on mobile) for ease of signing in!